Ethan Norris

Writing and editing to make your company succeed and thrive.

A bit about me.

I am an SEO-experienced writer for the film and television industry and am working on making any article an exciting article. My expertise includes writing and editing both feature and journalistic content, search-engine optimization tools and keywords, managing Adobe Creative Cloud software, team management, project design and scriptwriting, entertainment reviews, description writing, customer/client service, and the development on industry blogging websites. I enjoy working in both team and solo settings and making companies happy by having top quality articles is my passion. I would say I’m known to be a positive, patient, driven and resourceful individual in the workplace. I never am one to lose a proactive mindset even in the face of adversity. I’m seeking opportunities that allow me to utilize my skills to write for companies in order to help them grow, market, and boost their network. I have experience in the creation of film and media so that you know you’re getting a knowledgeable writer with every written piece I do.