Ethan Norris

SEO Film & Television Feature Writer/Editor

Hello, I’m Ethan Norris

When I’m not watching movies and TV, I’m writing about them.

I help production studios and entertainment platforms sell their ideas, projects, services, and news through content articles that creates conversation and excitement.

I’ll help you amplify your content, breaking news, and blog posts so everyone is as excited for your entertainment breakthrough as you.

A normal day at work.

Do YOU Want…

  • Articles that not only reach a large audience, but actually make them happy?
  • A feature writer who isn’t afraid to go at extra lengths in making sure the research that goes into your article’s topic and target audience are what both you and your customers are looking for?
  • Someone who knows optimized SEO practices so that your article is actually read?
  • A writer with actual experience in Videography, media production, and has a Film Studies degree so that your articles sound like they really do know what they’re talking about?

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